South Eastern Mountain Rescue Association is a registered charity (Reg. Charity: CHY17543). The operating costs currently run at approximately €45,000 per annum, which includes equipment, training, insurance, communications and routine running expenses. All of the equipment used by S.E.M.R.A. has a finite ‘shelf life’, and therefore needs to be replaced on an ongoing basis. Add to this the cost of vehicle maintenance, diesel etc. and it is easy to see how costs can mount up.

Team members are unpaid volunteers and subsidise the team’s activities by providing, among other things, their own personal equipment, provisions and transport. The Team currently receives an annual grant support from the Department of Transport (approximately €7,400). The remaining running cost (about two-thirds) must be met by the Team’s own fundraising efforts, which include street collections, donations from Mountaineering and Hillwalking Clubs and donations from the general public. It is hoped that The Long Way Round event will continue to grow and be come a significant source of funding for the team in the years ahead.


South Eastern Mountain Rescue Association, Ireland. Reg. Charity: CHY17543    Website by: Déise Design

South Eastern Mountain Rescue Association
Reg. Charity: CHY17543


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