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Saving Lives since 1977

South Eastern Mountain Rescue Association

Welcome to SEMRA

South Eastern Mountain Rescue Association provide a search and rescue service for those who find themselves in difficulty on the mountains of the South East of Ireland. The area of operation includes, but is not confined to, the Galtees, Comeraghs, Slievenamon, Knockmealdowns, Blackstairs, Slieve Blooms and Ballyhouras.

SEMRA is a 24/7 service provided by volunteers and is available 365 days a year. On average the team respond to 30 – 40 call outs per year. In January 2020 the team reached its 500th rescue since its foundation in 1977. Team members are drawn from all counties of the South East and beyond.


SEMRA is a volunteer search and rescue team comprising of approximately 50 members. The team is based in the major population centres of the South East of Ireland, including Carlow, Clonmel, Dungarvan, Kilkenny, Tipperary and Waterford. The team has a base in Clonmel, Co. Tipperary which is central to the geographical response area which covers the Galtee, Comeragh, Knockmealdown, Ballhoura, Slievenamon,  Nagle and Blackstairs Mountains.

The team typically responds to 50 – 60 call outs per year. In 2021 the team responded to over 60 call outs. Call outs usually last several hours from the time the call is received from An Garda Síochána to the team members reaching home afterwards. Searches for missing persons can often carry on through the night and into the next day and in some cases into several days. SEMRA team member skills include first aid, stretcher evacuation, steep ground traverse, heights rescue, off road driving, search planning, communications, logistics, and working with the Coast Guard helicopters.

SEMRA collaborates with national agencies including An Garda Síochána, the Health Services Executive (HSE), Search & Rescue Dogs Association (SARDA), the Irish Coast Guard (IRCG), Civil Defence and the Air Corps to provide expertise in the area of remote search and rescue

SEMRA also supports other mountain rescue teams in Ireland. Members from SEMRA travel to Croagh Patrick every year to assist Mayo MRT with Reek Sunday. SEMRA also assists Dublin/Wicklow and the Glen of Imaal teams on occasion in their areas of operation.

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- Blackstairs

- Comeraghs

- Galtees

- Knockmealdowns

- Slieve Blooms

- Slievenamon

- Ballyhouras

- Nagles

Area of Operation

We also provide support to our colleagues in Mountain Rescue Ireland and SARDA teams throughout Ireland.

Today, while walking with a group on the Knockmealdown Mountain Range we witnessed at first hand a full-scale recovery of an injured walker due to a slip where professionalism, dedication, understanding, know-how and commitment was in abundance due to their ongoing continuous skills training.  They all knew their roles in rather difficult conditions on the day where commitment was clear and very evident in getting the casualty as a priority off the mountain within a time limit and to Hospital thereafter for further medical assistance.

11th April 2024

Dear members.  I would hardly know where to start in thanking everyone involved in the search for my beautiful daughter Gillian and the subsequent challenging recovery of her.  It meant everything to us to bring her home off the mountain. We will for the rest of our lives pray for and think of every member who searched and the hardworking search dogs too!  We would like to commend the bravery and the humanity of the member who stayed with Gillian overnight in the mountain.  It meant everything to us that night to hear that Gillian was not on her own.  We will be expressing our thanks in lots of ways as time passes and this is only a short note of thanks for now.  We were so proud to see the guard of honour for Gillian in Thurles.  I personally had vowed to stay strong on the day of the funeral but I was emotionally overwhelmed when I saw that proud and brave guard of honour.  You truly are our heroes.  Every member.

Best wishes and thanks to all .  Gillian‘s parents Tommy and Margaret.  Her sister Theresa and her two brothers Thomas and Colm.

25th April 2021

“Mick Fewer died 26th November on the Comeragh Mountains. His family would like to sincerely thank SEMRA for their kindness, professionalism and support on that evening and in the days afterwards.  We will never forget how well they looked after the walking group and how caring and respectful they were in looking after Mick.  They deserve all the worthwhile praise and support they receive.  Again our heartfelt thanks”  Gerardine Fewer

18th February 2018